My Dog Eats Better Than Your Kids – Paperback

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The foods we feed our children and what we eat now will determine disease patterns in the future. Most of the chronic illnesses of today were either rare or unheard of just 100 years ago and still doesn’t exist in many countries where people live on traditional diets. The scientific literature is now abundant with evidence showing how changes in lifestyle and diet not only reduce the chances of these chronic diseases but also, in many cases, reverse these conditions without the use of prescription drugs.

This colourfully illustrated book can be read by anyone from 10 to 100 years of age and tells the story of what we should be eating, where we have gone wrong and why and how we can all reach our optimal health.



Even with Dental advances in technology and delivery of Dental Health
Services, dental decay is on a rapid increase, due mainly to poor diet.
In 2004 we gave out Dr Peter Dingle’s book, “The Deal for
Happier,Healthier,Smarter Kids”, to mothers to read. We found with healthier
Diet, saliva testing for prevention and increase in water intake, patients
had a much healthier mouth. We found mothers were unaware of problems
arising from the modern diet and have embraced this change. This new book,
My dog eats better than your kids, is a very simple read which can be read
which can be understood by children as well as mothers.
Kind regards
Dr Sam Rogers