Nutrition for Covid. Part 4

While many people will tell you the benefits of supporting your immune system to fight off the virus this is only a small part of this Covid story. Even more important than your immune system, at least in the immediate is to lower the ACE2 while you build your immune system. The simplest way to […]

InflammAging Covid and the flu

Older persons are often affected by a low-grade state of inflammation called “inflammaging” and is associated with a significant rise in blood inflammation markers, independently of other risk factors. Inflammaging is related to the gradual deterioration of the immune system with age and altered immune response termed immunosenescence. This refers to age-related declines in the […]

The root cause of all illness. Inflammation, oxidation and acidosis

Understanding some basics of chronic illness is the key to fixing the problem. The simplest place to start is with the underlying conditions that lead to chronic illness. This is what I call the “Illness Triad” or “Disease Triad”—inflammation, oxidation and acidosis. These three conditions are present in every form of chronic illness and prevent […]

Toxic effects of Microplastics: Microplastics Part 2

Although microplastics (MP) and human health is an emerging field many studies have now highlight the potential of these products as an increasing health hazard. If inhaled or ingested, microplastics may accumulate and exert localized particle toxicity by inducing or enhancing an immune response. Chemical toxicity could occur due to the localized leaching of component […]

Overcoming all illness. Treat the illness and underlying conditions not the symptoms.

Our current medical system treats individual symptoms with pharmaceutical drugs and surgery rather than treating the underlying conditions that create health problems and symptoms. Treating elevated cholesterol, arterial calcification, blood pressure, blood glucose, triglycerides or other symptoms is ridiculous and means that most people will be on multiple medications without any real reduction in mortality […]