Low selenium linked with liver cancer (any many other conditions).

Low levels of selenium are reported throughout many countries including Australia where deficiencies are widespread. Some estimates put low selenium levels at around about 80% of the Australian population due to the low concentration of selenium in Australian soils

A recent study of over 520000 people confirmed what is already known that low selenium is a risk factor for liver cancer. Higher selenium was associated with around 60% reduction in liver cancer. Given that liver cancer is on the increase and likely to be even higher with the dramatic rise in fatty liver. Eating food rich in selenium and supplementing with selenium is a simple preventative strategy.

Selenium is a mineral that has an antioxidant, alkalising and anti inflammatory effect. Selenium can increase the antioxidant levels in normal cells, and helps repair

damage to DNA. A large amount of research has also shown selenium to beneficial in and number of cancers including prostate and skin cancer (in addition to the latest studies on liver cancer), in AIDS symptoms, male fertility, skin disorders, anxiety and asthma (Bates et at 2002). While low levels have been associated with increses in metabolic syndrome and chronic inflammation, an underlying condition behind all chronic illness

While supplementing is important consuming only two Brazil nuts every day can raise blood selenium levels by about 65 %.


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