The medical experts cry foul at every opportunity possible regarding anything other than their own drugs and medicine. But turn a blind eye to their own limitations. By looking out and blaming everyone else they miss the elephant in the room. The serious and deadly side effects of the medicines and practices they prescribe. They even miss the fact that their so called miracle drugs don’t even work.
The vast majority of scientific claims are wrong. Medical journals are openly admitting that at least a third of articles are false or fraud. While the ones that are factual exaggerate and embellish (using strange statistics) to give a glowing report. We could in fact get rid of 90% of the medicines we use today and we would only be healthier.

Here are a few short facts
• Cholesterol has never killed any person
• There is no such thing as bad cholesterol
• Cholesterol in the arteries is a band-aid to prevent you from dying from damaged arteries
• Cholesterol is one of the most important molecules in the body from the manufacture of vitamin D, hormones, bile to building memories and the structure of every cell.
• Higher LDL cholesterol (the so-called bad one) is protective as you age
• Cholesterol is an important part of your immune system
• The is no evidence that lowering cholesterol reduces the risk of heart attack or mortality any more than half of one percent (0.5%).
• Drugs to lower cholesterol have serious and deadly side effects in up to 25% of patients taking them.
• The real risk of heart attack and stroke comes from inflammation and our mismatch of between evolution and our lives and can be reversed by changes in your diet and lifestyle.
• Finally if your GP prescribes these cholesterol lowering drugs to you they are in the pockets of the pharmaceutical company.

It is time to take control of you own health and make a real difference.

My research covers thousands of scientific journals on the topic. But even more telling a professional colleague of mine died last week at the age of 65. He was on 12 drugs a day.

How much more evidence do you want?

Perhaps it is a time for a public debate on the issue because it cost the economy billions and billions of dollars every year.