Laydship LS658 organic essence extractor – code is DingleTourDiscount

A blender like no other…

Not all blenders are created equal. Brand name and price are also no indication of blend quality and functionality.

When you purchase a LadyShip blender you purchase far more than any ordinary blender.

It is the only blender that has a tap… it is also the only blender that has a complete inter-changeable filtration system, which allows you to make nut milks without the need for a bag.

It is the only blender in the world that can make coffee.

Whether you are blending, juicing, milling, mixing, macerating, hot or cold the LadyShip Organic Essence Extractors are a must have in every kitchen.


Go directly to the LS-658.

The discount code is: DingleTourDiscount

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