How toxic is your sunscreen – EBook

During the past 50 years, we have increased the number of synthetic sunscreen chemicals that we use. We have done this with virtually no consideration as to how vulnerable we are to these chemicals, how little we know about their subtle and cumulative toxic effects or the effects of interaction of these chemicals.

We assume that because they are so easily purchased from the supermarkets shelf, they must be safe to use. Wrong! Many of these chemicals are known to be toxic; very few are carefully studied before they are put on the shelf and made available to the general public. In fact, some of these chemicals have been used for decades without any deliberation about their potential toxic effects. There is no doubt that the products in everyday sunscreen are toxic.

The only real question is: what effects do they have on you and your family? Exposure to these chemical affects you on a cellular level. It may be significant or it may actually be contributing to the problem you are trying to avoid.

A quick read of the following pages will undoubtedly open your eyes to a serious problem.

The majority of sunscreens on the market are full of toxic ingredients that may be worse than the exposure to the sun or may be contributing to long term health problems.