Improve your memory your thinking and your life – EBook


We rely on our memory all the time. We are tested on it all through our school and learning days and we notice it when it seems get worse when we age. But no one teaches us how to use our memory.

If you read and implement just a fraction of the information in this book it will dramatically improve your memory. It will show you how to go from a mediocre or poor memory to near perfect one whenever and wherever you want. The simple steps you learn in reading this book can make a huge difference to the quality of your life.



This is a fantastic book for anyone feeling weary, tired or suffering “brain fog”. It is also great if you want to make more of your brain’s potential and reduce your chances of memory loss or dementia.
The advice about how to best fuel your mind with the right foods, together with heaps of memory enhancing exercises that will help you remember people’s names, places and other events is priceless.Well done, Dr. D.
Dr Peter Holsman. Your Health Camberwell

Our brains are designed for challenge and one oft the best challenges is to
love the sport of increasing your Memory Power. To move from ‘I’ve got a hopeless memory’ to impressing people with your memory Power – accept the fun and challenge of Dr Peter Dingle’s ideas and activities in Improve Your memory Thinking and Life. Your brain will remember to thank you!
Glenn Capelli. BA Dip Ed MACE CSP MENSA Churchill Fellow, Professional Speaker. Professional Educator of the Year 2006 Awardee

Few books are so entertaining and informative that the reader can pick up
some significant life skills within an hour – I found this book to be one of
Chris Phillips. Lawyer

With this terrific memory book, Peter has once again put together a
great learning tool that will not only enhance your memory but also that
of your kids, your colleagues and perhaps even your grandparents! Here’s
the first thing to remember – buy this book!
Terry Power
Author, Speaker.