Unlock Your Genes For Weight Loss – EBook


Sick of low calorie, low fat and fad diets that keep you hungry and only backfire to put on more weight? Current diet programs will never work in the long term because they are going against millions of years of evolution and your genes. No matter how much motivation or emotional clearing you do.

Excessive weight and many of today’s health problems result from what amounts to a collision between ancient genetics and modern, highly processed lives. Our genes are routinely exposed to genetically unfamiliar foods, chemicals and stresses to which they respond abnormally by triggering inflammation, chronic illness, low energy and weight gain.

“Unlock Your Genes For Weight Loss” is a revolutionary new program based on the latest science of how to talk to your genes.

This books outlines the science behind how our food, nutrition, environmental, lifestyle and even psychological and emotional factors communicate with our genes to either put weight on or take it off.

In a society where stress, alongside many modern foods, medications, and synthetic chemicals found in your home can cause weight gain, this book shows you how nutrients including: pre and probiotics; certain proteins; fibre and even positive emotions can tell your body to burn more calories, feel less hungry and lose weight.

Just as important the book develops a balanced and sustainable approach to weight loss around a goal based program to make sure you achieve your weight loss goals.

If you want to lose weight, gain energy, get your health back and help take control of your life, you will want this book.