Why the Acid watcher diet for reflux does not work

Unfortunately, many thousands of people have been hood winked into believing that lowering the acid content in your  food will reduce reflux. It does not and there is absolutely no science to support it. Referring to a few studies in a book is not valid science it is called cherry picking.

Yet some people have derived a mild benefit from it because it teaches people to eat more healthily, but it benefits no more than a healthy Mediterranean diet. My concern about this is that distract people from dealing with the underlying issues which cause reflux while there are so many things people can do to reduce the incidence and even eliminate reflux from their lives. Even in very extreme situations. 

But lowering the acid in food will not.

Altering the water if it has pH greater than 8 (alkaline) may help some  and there is a little research on this but not foods. And some foods may set some people off so they need to avoid those foods but on the other side of the equation many fruits fall into the acid category however are very alkalising to the body. They are acid to the stomach (which is what you want) but their ingredients once absorbed into the body like potassium citrate become alkalising to the blood (which is also what you want) and already too many people  are in a state of metabolic acidosis. For some it is the only alkalising food they have. While metabolic acidosis is linked not just to increase the risk of all chronic illness but it is also linked to poor gut health. For some  people fruit and fruit juices are their only source of antioxidant and anti inflammatory nutrients which by the way are critical for fixing the gut. Avoiding these foods is only likely to make your health worse.

Changing the pH food composition of your diet does not impact the espohagus because it is in a solid form and the stomach will adjust the pH to be highly acid any way it can. Yes you stomach has to be acid otherwise you get very sick with lots of other conditions including reflux, SIBO, ibs etc. The acid in your stomach is not just for digestion and protecting the rest of  your gut from unwanted microbes but it is also a major communication mechanism for the whole digestive system to keep it moving.

If you eat food slightly more alkaline your stomach has to produce more acid, which is energy intensive for your body, to increase the acidity (lower the pH to around 2). 

While  I have written and talked on this extensively your stomach can only digest certain vitamins like C and the B’s and minerals in a pH of 3 and it can only untangle the protein matrix to digest proteins into amino acids in a pH of 2. Your stomach has to be acid no matter what you eat.

However, any program that teaches people good eating habits and good healthy foods and gets people off the Standard American/Australian Diet (SAD) is going to improve health and reduce reflux. Yes reflux and all the other forms of chronic illness are  linked to the nutrients you consume and your stare of inflammation and oxidation. So if you eat more fruit and vegetables,  nuts and seed and herbs and spices and olive oil and less sugar and fried and processed foods you will reduce the incidence and severity of reflux (and all other chronic diseases).

“The SOLUTION to reflux and all the indigestion related conditions lies not in treating the symptoms but fixing the underlying problems”

 That is why we created the Complete Reflux Solution Program to deal with all the underlying causes, mechanisms and symptoms at the same time. This also why we have all our gut solution programs in our Membership  to fix all the gut and digestive issues.

Stop wasting your time and money and deal  with the real problem now.