6 Week Healthy Eating Planner – EBook

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Wouldn’t you like to be healthier, feel better, have more energy and just enjoy life more? You can if you follow this six-week healthy eating planner. This is not a diet, it is a lifestyle program designed to help you become the healthier person you deserve to be.

This book will change the way you look at food and you’ll find simple easy steps to learn how to implement healthy, nutritious and delicious eating into your everyday life. The six-week healthy eating planner has been designed to be easy to read and to follow so that everyone can implement it into their lives. This book may be the best investment you have ever made.



Finally, common sense, science and gastronomy unite! Peter and Martine’s planner is a little gem. A survival guide that could have been called “healthy eating for dummies”, but for the fact that it’s for much smarter consumers (in the literal sense). Smart consumers of food, water and advice. Take heed and improve your quality (and probably length) of life.
Dr Igor Tabrizian Nutritional GP.

In a World chock-full of so-called experts telling us how to diet, at last a book that is easy-to-read, simple, effective and most of all honest. “The Six Week Healthy Eating Planner” will show you how to eat a wide-range of delicious food that is actually good for you!
Forget the fad diets, and make a lifestyle change for the better. And this book by Martine and Professor Peter Dingle and will show you how, in an easy-to-read program that will bring joy and vibrant health back into your life! Highly recommended.
Dr Ross Taylor Author, “Creating Health…Yourself” and “Living Simply with Cancer”

The “6 Week Healthy Eating Planner” will certainly be used for our “Fit for the Job Fitness Challenge”. This invaluable and easy to follow resource provides the reader with extensive, well researched examples of nutritional facts, a great selection of delicious meals and a variety of foods with one objective in mind, the achievement of positive health outcomes.
We are certain that our challengers, along with the general public who purchase and follow the planner, will benefit greatly from the ideas and suggestions contained. Congratulations Martine and Peter Dingle for their superb effort in designing such a wonderful tool for success in health and nutrition.
Jason Gleeson. Director. Shining Light Corporate Fitness.

As the saying goes, “You are what you eat.” This book is a great guide to
helping “You” become a healthy, happy human. Enjoy.
Fred Botica, Botica’s Bunch radio program.

At last, a recipe book telling not only what to make, but also when! Meals for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. And all this healthy stuff is presented with fun, flair and great artwork. For me, I’d like to eat breakfast all the time – have a look inside and you’ll see what I mean.
John Bird father of three

Another truly entertaining and valuable book. Martine and Prof. Dingle passionately guides us through a concise program for a long, happy and healthy life in the 21st Century.
Elisabeth and Rainer Weber – Pharmacists – Point Walter Pharmacy.

It’s one thing to live a healthy life. It’s another to share it with
conviction and passion. That’s Peter and Martine Dingle’s gift to us all.
Margaret Evans, Editor NOVA Magazine.

An essential tool providing vital information for everyone wanting better
health and wellbeing through correct nutrition. Don’t start a detox or weight loss program without it!
Malcolm McGuire Clean Food Organic magazine

A simple, evidence-based, easy-to-follow plan that supports you to get a foothold on your wellbeing, reduce stress and live from vitality.
Kali Wendorf, editor Kindred Magazine. www.kindredmedia.com.au