The Gratitude Guide Paperback


It can turn night into day, tough times into meaningful ones; it can even transform crises into life-changing lessons. Gratitude will strengthen friendships and relationships, bring success into your life, increase your passion for life and health, reduce stress and help you live longer.

In this book you will find inspiring ways to draw gratitude into your life. A blend of science, personal experiences and writing exercises, this book gives you a greater appreciation for what you already have and helps you bring even more of what you desire into your life.

Learn to build more gratitude into your life as you embark on your journey to bliss.



Many of us will know that Peter Dingle’s journey in recent years has been marked by tragedy and loss, both personal and professional. So when he urges us to embrace gratitude as our guiding principle for a truly happy life, it’s all the more remarkable. In this simple guide with its journalling exercises and uplifting quotes, Peter opens our eyes to the simple beauties of life it’s all too easy to overlook. He shows us that in giving thanks for our health, the love of our family and friends and the boundless beauties of the universe, happiness is ours. The Gratitude Guide is a gift of wisdom from a truly generous soul.
Margaret Evans, Editor NOVA Magazine

I have just finished Peter Dingle’s wonderful book: A Gratitude Guide. I love reading books when I feel that I can connect with the author and really understand what the message he is trying to pass on. With Peter’s easy to read style, it was so enjoyable to read a book on gratitude and actually ‘get’ what he was saying. So many other books on this topic I can understand conceptually but Peter’s book made it far easier to actually understand and ‘get it’ at the heart and soul level. Therefore, it has made a difference. So I am grateful to Peter for that.
I look forward to beginning my Gratitude journal and to playing the gratitude game with my children, to help teach them the importance of the gift of gratitude in their lives.
Leanne Toogood. Mother and Director of BalanceOnline Magazine

Our past doesn’t have to define us, nor does the rough patch we are going through. We can be happy now, not just when our circumstances improve. I truly loved reading this book and highly recommend it to anyone who would like to be happy now and improve their life and health. This is a book that will live on the bedside table and be re-read often!
Tegan Benfell. Mother and Author

Having admired Peter’s work from afar from many years, seeing him speak and now reading his new book … The Gratitude Guide, I am totally inspired by his simple, practical and easy to implement message. Gratitude works, however somewhere in our busy lives we have stopped appreciating the little things that make all the difference. Peter’s book is the wake up call we all need to reconnect with what is important, what matters and what makes a difference in our lives and those who mean the world to us. Buy this book and you will change your world in an amazing way.
Keith Abraham – Keynote Speaker & Author; Founder of Passionate People

The Gratitude Guide is the perfect ‘How-To’ that will help you tap into the force that is intentional gratitude and move you toward living an even more happy, flourishing and prosperous life. A must-have addition to your life-skills tool kit.
David Penglase, author of Intentionomics.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to share a few positive words on Peter’s book. I think he has brilliantly encapsulated the concept of being grateful and recognising just what we have available to us in the world today. Each of us is blessed with opportunities and abundance which we often overlook and or simply ignore. With the simple steps in Peter’s book we can take just a few moments to realise what we have and can be grateful for.
Lindsay Adams CSP, International Conference Speaker,2009-2010 President, Global Speakers Federation, Nevin Award Winner & Past National President, National Speakers Association of Australia

In one simple and inviting book Dr. Peter Dingle strips away the jargon and leaves us standing only with what is essential and true – the attitude , action and emotion of gratitude. Showing us that a life without gratitude is really no life at all. Peter unlocks the door to show us that gratitude is the giver itself; when honoured it forever gives the essence of perspective, peace and pleasure to life.
Derek Barker – Author of “A Gift of Gratitude”

Reading about gratitude is only part of it, but following Peter’s gratitude journal – is it! It helps you practise gratitude, be gratitude, live in gratitude. Though often a forgotten instrument, gratitude is the source of love, abundance, harmony and honour. Honouring life for all it’s treasures – seen and unseen. I urge you to pick this up, not just as a ‘read’, but more of a ‘do’. To do gratitude as part of your daily life is to become grace itself and when you do, you walk in the footsteps of giants and love with the heart of all saints.
Natalie Deane – Atkinson – Author of “A little moment of Spiritual Courage”